EU Settlement Scheme – what happens if you don’t apply?

EU Settlement Scheme – what happens if you don’t apply?

There remains a significantly high number of EU citizens who have not yet applied under this scheme. For some, this is due to technological or language barriers, and the overwhelming amount of evidence required in some cases. Also, some people fear bringing themselves to the attention of the government.

Apparently, there is a 7% minority who believe they don’t need to apply to remain in the UK. And there are other people who refuse to apply, feeling deep offence by the scheme if they’ve lived in the UK for decades, paid taxes, raised children and bought properties here.

Unfortunately, if you don’t apply under the Settlement Scheme, you could become unlawfully resident in the UK and in breach of UK immigration laws. Although it may seem far-fetched, you may face forcible removal.

Please make the effort to apply under the EU Settlement Scheme. If you require any further advice about the application process, or need our support in making the application, please do contact us. We are here to help.

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