New Immigration Solicitor in Halifax

New Immigration Solicitor in Halifax

I have been working in the north of England specialising in immigration law, since 2006.  For all this time there has not been a solicitor offering legal aid for immigration work in Halifax.  This is despite Halifax and the surrounding area having had people being dispersed there for years and there being a diverse community of people based in Calderdale.

With the opening of Fisher Stone Solicitors we aim to address this gap in service and provide easily accessible advice to all those who need it.  We are available to clients living elsewhere in the UK and are happy to arrange to see clients wherever necessary.

Our intention is to work with the many organisations already providing advice and support to people who are subject to immigration control and businesses who need advice in this complex area of law, throughout the area.

If you need help in any aspect of immigration law, please contact us to discuss how we can help.

If you are just interested in finding out more about us, please get in touch.

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